Heal Faster, Feel Better, Live Healthier..... Our Purpose is giving the Patient the Very Best in Safe and
Advanced Natural Health Care.

Providing Superior Care and Case Management Through Chiropractic

Dr. Paul C. Klein "Serving York and South Central PA for Over 30 years."

Dr. Paul C Klein has been a licensed healthcare practitioner since 1990 and established Heritage Chiropractic Center in the community of York, PA, in 1997. His mission is for patients to heal faster, feel better, and live healthier through advanced natural healthcare approaches. His purpose is to provide the patient with the very best in safe and effective natural health care. There are many symptoms that Dr. Klein sees at his practice, but the most common ones include: neck pain, back pain, low back pain, neuritis, radiculopathy, posture abnormalities, scoliosis, sprains, strains, disc herniation, disc degeneration, muscle spasms, connective tissue disorders, personal injuries, work related injuries, auto accident injuries, and sports injuries. Dr. Klein also offers a variety of treatments to his patients, such as chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, manual and mechanical traction, rehab exercise, electrical therapy, and nutritional counseling.

HOMEPG_3131.jpg Dr. Paul Klein and Associates are here to help The Patient achieve the best possible outcome in reaching One's Health Care Goals. Patient Education and Care is based on 7 Principles of Health and Well Being that lead to a Healthier Spine, Nervous System, and Higher Quality of Life.  We help the patient identify the areas where help is needed. Through education and practice of good habits, the patient can master these dynamics in one's activities of daily living:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Healthy Spine and Nervous System
  2. Mastering Good Posture, Biomechanics and Ergonomics
  3. Healthy Intake of Nutrition/Hydration/Sunlight
  4. Healing Power of Proper Sleep/Rest/Meditation
  5. Understanding and Using Abdominal Diaphragm Breathing
  6. Mastering Proper Exercise/Activity Programs
  7. Being Pro-active in Life, making sound decisions and following through to reach goals to improve your health. Seek help when necessary and be compliant with  your healthcare..ie: Proper Medical, Chiropractic, Dentist, Counseling, Training Coaches, etc. 

Please feel free to contact Dr Paul Klein be email, cell phone, or at his office if you would like more information specific for your needs. Dr Paul Klein is available for health care presentations to groups and organizations.


At Heritage Chiropractic, we are here for you, the patient. We listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and address your concerns. We help you make the right choices and take an active role in improving your state of health through stress reduction, pain control, improving posture, helping the nervous system work better, and enhancing the overall quality of your life. We offer the high quality and evidence based approach to natural health care that you deserve. Research shows that chiropractic, therapeutic massage, nutrition, exercise, patient education, and behavior modification regimens are complementary to medicine and leading the way in patient safety, outcome assessment, and patient satisfaction.

Please call 717.840.8155 if we can be of further assistance.

Enjoy the site and be well. Best Regards,

Paul C. Klein, D.C.

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