Neck and Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain/Injury

Neck and back pain often occurs when you have strained your spinal muscles or sprained your spinal ligaments, but it can also be a result of a osteoarthritis, disc degeneration,  disc herniation, spinal canal and nerve root narrowing, which can lead to spinal nerve compression and muscle contracture spasms, all which can lead to pain and limited function involving activities of daily living.  Daily activities such as sleeping, doing chores, or working your job can become difficult to perform depending on how severe your spinal condition is. Typically,  spine related pain can be resolved with conservative measures including chiropractic, massage, PT, and behavior modification. Other times, medicine, injections or surgery may be required. Dr. Paul Klein, at Heritage Chiropractic Center, located in York, PA, can help you with the caring and comprehensive clinical management necessary to achieve a positive outcome with regard to your specific needs.

There are many risk factors of neck and back pain that may include:
-Age: people over 30 begin to notice more pain because their discs wear with age
-Weight: people who are obese often experience more pain than those who are at a healthy weight
-Overall health: smoking, drinking alcohol, and not exercising can all contribute to pain
-Occupation/lifestyle: repetitive stress caused by standing, sitting, sleeping, lifting incorrectly
-Posture/Spine alignment: Subluxation, spinal misalignment, postural fatigue, scoliosis
-Disease: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune and pathological conditions
-Mental health: depression, worry, and anxiety 

Contact Heritage Chiropractic Center in York, PA, today with any questions or concerns. If you are dealing with neck and back pain, we will get you on the road to recovery!

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