Power of Good Posture

" Power posture " is proper posture that is produced by correct muscle flexibilities and strength balances. A person with "power posture" will have good posture all the time, automatically, without thinking about it.

This combination of proper posture, correct flexibility, and correct strength balance is truly "power posture" because it increases your physical, mental, and interpersonal powers. It gives you:

1. Greater physical power , because you: .

  1. Have no more pain and fatigue in your neck, shoulders, and upper back than anywhere else in you body, and will have less lower back strain.
  2. Feel and function as well as possible, and have maximum energy, strength, and vigor, because your skeleton, muscles and organs operate better with correct bodily alignment.
  3. Reduce your chances of neck, shoulder, upper back, and lower back injuries.
  4. Have more endurance, strength, and athletic ability.
  5. Perform better in virtually all physical activities and sports.


2. Greater mental power and greater work productivity, because with less pain and fatigue and more energy, you will think more clearly and concentrate better.

3. Greater people power , because you will:

  1. Look taller, trimmer, fitter, and have a flatter stomach. (In fact, without "power posture", your stomach can never be as flat as possible!).
  2. Appear more vigorous, confident, competent, youthful, enthusiastic, energetic, and even more honest.
  3. Make the best first impression possible and will be treated with more respect.
  4. Retain your straight posture and lose very little height with age.


Source: Dr. John Christman, a Biophysicist and Exercise Physiologist, PowerPosture program.

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