Just Breathe...

Breathing is essential to life, and mastering proper breathing can reduce stress, promote healing, and greatly improve the quality of your health.

Do you experience shallow, labored breathing; shortness of breath; a high chest; stuck, erratic, or reverse breathing? Are you unable to catch your breath?
Do you have blue-tinted lips or fingernails; trouble sleeping; more than 6 -8 resting breaths per minute with 3-6 second pauses; heart beat irregularities; poor posture, mild to severe depression; tightness across your chest; excessive stress; asthma or COPD symptoms; constant fatigue; chronic pain; chest pains; anger; anxiety; hyperventilation? Do you think you can't sing or want to sing better?

Breathing may be improved with safe and progressive diaphragm breathing exercises: Perform exercises 3 times/day. Start lying position and progress to sitting, then standing, as each position is mastered in time over days/weeks. Be sure to consult your doctor, first before beginning this or any exercise program.

Exercise Method: Relaxed deep inhale/exhale breathing cycle. Inhale deeply through nose and mouth, relaxing face and throat, focus at your belly button and expand abdomen which allows diaphragm draw down toward abdomen while filling lungs with air. Keep correct posture with upper torso relaxed and neutral. Slowly, start counting in regular voice eg. 1,2,3, while pulling belly button in toward spine and slightly up toward chest. Do not strain lower abdomen during exhale. Use singing rhythym and avoid overstrain by whispering toward the end of count. Continue counting until natural reflex inhale occurs. Complete with deep breathing cycle. Progress slowly. Increase in number counting means improved proper diaphragm breathing.

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